Don’t use “roads” in Oklahoma to make your case for big gov’t…. you only look more stupid.

    I’ve made no secret that I’m for SMALL gov’t. (Not NO gov’t) I get a lot of the “you must not like having clean water, good roads, fire and police depts, etc.” nonsense and it got me to thinking…. so I started looking at the “rules” for my little corner of the world called Del City. And after finding all the connection fees, deposit fees, re-connection fees if something gets cut off, the late fees if the mail runs slow (another dysfunctional gov’t agency), the fines attached to your water bill and the threats to cut that human necessity off if you fail to pay, the liens put on your property and homes for failure to follow “the rules”, the signs all over city hall that say “we don’t accept the following forms of payment…. but late fees still apply” and “disrespect to city employees will NOT be tolerated”, the rules regarding when, where, how long you can speak and what you can say when bringing a grievance to your gov’t, (a basic human right) and all the rigidity, bureaucracy and callousness attached to these things…. if proponents of big gov’t think that being this overbearing, arbitrary, heartless and GREEDY is necessary to have roads, firemen, etc., I’d rather do without. And not only will I survive, but THRIVE without a municipal scrooge nickel and diming me to death.

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