Pagans: What Have You Done for Me Lately or Practice What You Preach, Hippie.

   The past several weeks have been full of the left vs right, Christian vs Tolerance crowd on several issues and I’ve had a belly-full. There’s this thing about “religious freedom” going around Oklahoma between those belligerents and a statue of the 10 Commandments and what we SHOULD believe and what we SHOULDN’T believe and what’s “fair” and what’s “tolerant” and “equal” and blah, blah, blah. First, we have this story of satanists wanting a statue of THEIR 10 commandments alongside the Christian statue at the capitol.  In it, there is a quote from said story:

”constitutional scholars and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) agree, if faith-based displays are to be allowed in public spaces in Oklahoma, then a multitude of faiths must be represented, even if that faith is considered repugnant by a majority of the state’s citizens.”

They can agree all they want, but the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed back in 2005 in Van Orden vs. Perry:        

In this ruling, a state CAN promote an idea or monument that is religious in nature if it has historical and social context. It just can’t prosecute people or tax or otherwise persecute them based on religious differences. Nor does the definition of the 1st amendment mean that each religion gets equal representation in the state. So if Oklahoma puts up a statue of the 10 commandments on public property and refuses to put up a statue of a pentagram or a statue of “do what thou wilt” or Zeus or Ganesh, it may not be “fair” or “equal”, but it’s ABSOLUTELY CONSTITUTIONAL. By the way, on practically every Oklahoma license plate there’s a picture of an American Indian shooting an arrow into the sky to bring the rain which is from local American Indian religious beliefs. That’s not an endorsement of that particular belief system, but reflecting historical context. In addition, I just got back from a viking runestone in a (until recently) state run park. Vikings MAY have been here and rune-stones were part of their religious beliefs, but there seems to be no issue from the satanists about that particular faith being represented by the state. Sorry, but I don’t recall in my Oklahoma History classes anything about satanists being part of the indigenous species or pioneers here. Nor are those same people that are SO upset about the 10 Commandments memorial suing the state over a license plate or a rune-stone so all the Christian-haters (which is what they REALLY are) can go screw on that one…

Next, we have the new-found Pope-lovers. These folks should be included in the category of “Cafeteria Catholics”. (Those who pick and choose what to follow based on what they do and do not like, such as in a line at the cafeteria.) I have had SO MANY left-winging , evangelical-hating hippies come up to me and tell me how much they just LOVE this new Pope, how the Pope is liberal, how they’re so glad this Pope hates capitalism, the Pope is a socialist, “just like Jesus was”, etc just to see if they can get a rise out of me….

Here’s my response, commies: THE VATICAN HAS ALWAYS PROMOTED SOCIAL JUSTICE, BEING GENEROUS TO THE POOR AND DENOUNCED GLOBAL CAPITALISM AT THE EXPENSE OF HUMAN LIVES regardless of who the Pope is! Greed has been one of the seven deadly sins since the beginning of the Church. But you “tolerance buffs” were SO DAMN BUSY ragging on Christians, looking for pedophile priests and trying to bring the ENTIRE Christian faith to it’s knees the past 20 years, you were just too distracted to hear what was actually being preached. Not to mention the fact that he is decidedly AGAINST women priests, gay marriage and the usual issues that keep you from hearing anything else other than what you want to hear, so I highly doubt those new “converts” will be adoring Pope Francis for too much longer or going to Catechism class anytime soon…

Last but certainly not least, there was a report read in Parliament yesterday talking about how Christians may be the minority faith in the world but we are the most persecuted.

An estimated 200 million will be persecuted this year alone and where’s the “tolerance” that is preached at Christians from the left-wing, the atheists, from the pagans and Wiccans? NOWHERE! You people (that’s right, I said it) hate being preached at, yet return that same preaching of “tolerance and love” platitudes at Christians before you turn your heads and spout the vilest crap when you’re in your own little corners. That may come back to bite you in the ass if you really believe in that whole “three-fold” thing….

Both sides of the aisle are full of hypocrisy. I’ve been a hypocrite many times myself, nobody’s perfect. As a Christian, I tend to notice when people I identify with get butt-hurt about something. After all, we share some of the same beliefs. That being said, I’ve tried to be more “tolerant” than others of my faith, hate the sin but love the sinner and so on. I’ve written e-mails to Pres. Bush asking him to allow pagans or Wiccans to have their own headstone for servicemen and women who are buried in Arlington after they gave their lives for this country, which he ordered the D.O.D. to allow. I’ve stood in a circle of many different faiths to pay respect to a Wiccan woman who was the epitome of kindness. I’ve defended Muslims who were being attacked after 9/11. I’ve befriended atheists, agnostics, Jews, Hindus, and even a guy that follows the Temple of Set. I may have a long way to go on the “love thy neighbor” front, but I dare ANYONE to say I haven’t made the attempt. My question to you Wiccans, atheists etc. now is: where is YOUR attempt to support  people of MY FAITH? Where is YOUR “tolerance”? I think I’ve done enough to keep you people from being tied to stakes with kindling under your feet. Time for you to step up and return the favor. If not, please don’t utter the word “tolerance” in my presence anymore, it just makes you look stupid.

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