My hiatus from politics and so on……

I haven’t blogged in quite some time. After about the 5th scandal in a week showing the flagrant disregard for the law and the Constitution by the Obama administration, I figured if anybody doesn’t see it by now or can still excuse that sort of behavior by our “leaders”, then there’s no point in continuing a political blog. I lost faith in ANY and EVERY politician there is on any level. I still have no faith in THEM, but I have faith that there are enough of us who still believe in freedom, still believe that the Constitution is the law of the land, that we have unalienable rights, regardless of how often or how hard those same politicians try to alienate those rights from us, that we can continue to live in a nation that is FREE, that doesn’t give in to mob rule, that roots out corruption in our leadership, that holds those people accountable who would sell those rights and freedoms down the river for their own personal gain.

No surveillance should take place without a warrant, period.
The government has gathered millions of phone records and now they claim they have thwarted 50 attacks. I think that number is exaggerated and so is the story. There’s NO WAY they thwarted 50 attacks or ANY attack by fishing through phone records alone. There was other intelligence involved, the best being trained personnel, on the ground who speak the language, know the culture and can infiltrate those cells. It’s how we thwarted terrorists BEFORE we had things like satellites, GPS and cell phones and it worked just fine for us then. You can have a camera on every corner like 1984, you can have tiny listening devices disguised as flies on the walls of Taliban caves, you can collect all the phone records of every citizen in the nation, that will STILL not be as good as trained field officers who are dedicated to rooting out and stopping terrorists. Regardless of whether this fishing through phone records stopped 50 attacks (which is highly unlikely) or 5000 attacks, the 4th amendment exists for a REASON. It is a basic human right enumerated in the Constitution and should not be sold out for the illusion of safety. I would personally rather live right next door to a terror cell and be able to exercise my God-given rights fully than to have TSA pat me down at airports, the FBI listening to my phone calls and tracking my internet history, a camera on every corner watching my every move so that we can stop some terrorist attacks.

No police should enter your home without a warrant, period.
Someone brought to my attention a case in Las Vegas where the police entered a home without probable cause in order to do surveillance on the house next door where a domestic violence dispute was taking place:
The police had NO probable cause that this homeowner was committing a crime, yet they battered down his door in order to watch the crime taking place NEXT DOOR. If the homeowner refuses to cooperate with the police so they can catch their man, then the police need to come up with a different plan or a more convincing argument to let them come in and set up their stakeout. What they did was flat out wrong, DOES violate the right that a person should feel safe and secure in their own home, and the actions of this police department and those who gave the orders should be shunned by both the general populace and other cops alike. There’s already a divide in this nation between cops and citizens and that divide grows worse with police forces who employ guys who choose to enforce the law with creatine shakes and battle dress uniforms instead of brains. This isn’t East Germany, people. “No-knock” warrants should be eliminated from police policy entirely or at least used only in such extreme situations where the police entering or the surrounding neighborhood is in some sort of immediate danger. For those of you who say, “but that’ll give drug-dealers time to flush the drugs down the toilet!”, I say: That’s what you want, isn’t it???

We should not give up our rights, period. If you’re willing to “compromise” your rights for the illusion of safety, you should know that historically, no government ever stops asking for more. This government is no different. You give an inch, they WILL take a mile. At this point, with all that we’ve given since 9/11, the amount of criminals taken off the streets, the few terrorist attacks that have been thwarted are WAY out of balance. As many rights have been given up, don’t you think that by now crime should be practically non-existent and terrorism a bad memory?

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