Lies, intolerance, and NPR….

For a week now, we’ve heard folks from NPR and MSNBC practically drooling over the idea that the Boston Marathon bombers were right-wing militia, pro-gun, white male, Christian, etc. Sadly, one could almost hear the collective sigh of DISAPPOINTMENT to come out of the mouths of the far-left when it was released that the bombers were Chechen in origin. Check out this terrorism “expert” from NPR:


What a stupid cow! Listen to the recording! She’s almost GLEEFUL in her “assessment” of what the bomber “probably” is. Will NPR or she in particular come out and apologize for the false painting of white-male Christian conservatives as the bombers? I highly doubt it, even though the shrill harpy cries from those like Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher would be deafening if the roles had been reversed and a Muslim person was blamed for a week on a CONSERVATIVE news network.

     I’ve been accused of racism, hate, being volatile, etc. simply for being white, male, owning guns and conservative. I’ve got news for you, boys and girls: If we were even HALF as racist, bigoted, and dangerous as liberals made us out to be, why are there still gay pride parades? Why do black people still exist? Why are there still Mexicans who speak their native language in public without being beaten and told , “WE SPEAK ‘MERICAN HERE!” Why are there still abortion clinics and college professors who indoctrinate our kids into their agendas? Why do left-leaning celebrities and reporters not hide under their beds at night in fear of assassination? In short, why do liberals still exist? BECAUSE WE’RE NOT THE ONES FULL OF HATE, NUMBNUTS! During the recent gun debate, it was LEFT leaning newspapers that “outed” people with gun permits in the hopes that they get robbed or assaulted or at the very least, “shamed” by their community. It was LEFT leaning reporters who called for the outlawing of the NRA and members to be incarcerated. My favorite was the celebrities who came up with interesting ways gun owners should be killed, like tied to a truck bumper and dragged to death.

     The most bigoted and intolerant views that I’ve personally witnessed are the tired, clichés used by liberals to assert their intellectual superiority over anybody from a red-state or an R next to their name. If I tell a lib that I used to live in Arkansas, or that my family is from there, I pretty much expect the smirks and the looks on their faces as their mind races through a litany of pre-concieved notions they have about me just from that one sentence. We’ve been defiled by images of being under-educated and inbred, we’ve been accused of intolerance and bigotry for decades….. and now we’re being accused of terrorism. We’ve even seen memos coming out from the administration and DHS saying how returning conservative veterans are more of a potential terrorist threat than al-Qaeda or Muslim affiliated organizations. Need I remind you idiots that the Columbine killers were raised by very active liberal parents? Or that Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, cop-killer Chris Dorner were all diehard, active LIBERALS and registered democrats?

     We’ve been MORE than tolerant and ever-so-friggin’ patient watching our rights being taken away, our beliefs spat upon, our liberties and even our lives threatened by people who claim to HATE VIOLENCE and INTOLERANCE! It’s obvious to me that the average vitriol-spitting liberal is very ballsy yet very stupid to target an armed population with ridicule and violence, then have the audacity to accuse those same people of not just intolerance, but of being potential terrorists. How can we be as intolerant and dangerous as they claim to be when they are STILL AROUND to continue to taunt and threaten us some more?

     Speaking of threats, Maybe NPR would be better served to look at themselves in a mirror and ask their inner child if they feel like blowing something up in order to “stop the hate.” Hell, maybe the FBI should start asking them in an official capacity, just to be on the “safe” side. After all, it’s for the children.

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