A VICTORY in the battle over gun rights…..

    Yesterday, the senate voted  against the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill 60-40. On top of that and to my great surprise, they PASSED a bill on national right-to-carry reciprocity, 57-43. This recognition of our natural rights comes at a time when the fervor of the fear-mongers is at an all-time high about gun-violence. We’ve heard everything from actors and politicians who “demand a plan”, to Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg and Obama setting their agenda on the graves of dead children and grieving families, all for the sake of political expediency. “If it saves just ONE life, it’s worth it!” we’ve heard over and over. The hard truth is, not only is it WRONG to sacrifice the liberty of millions for the illusion of safety, gun control has NEVER shown to have saved EVEN ONE LIFE. The data from Obama’s own justice dep’t., the CDC (which is definitely NOT pro-gun), law enforcement from around the nation has proven this over and over and over again.

     We’ve heard the President say, “These people deserve a vote!” Wow. How ironic, because that’s exactly what the pro-slavery movement said about the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Putting people’s liberties and freedoms to a vote of congress is not only stupid, but flat out dangerous to a free people. You would think a Constitutional Law Professor and a BLACK MAN on top of it would be familiar with the precedent that was set by the Dred Scott decision but hey, we can’t let something like facts and history get in the way of El Presidente beating the war drums to further his agenda of “more government, less freedom”. After all, it’s “for the children.”

      So the vote to compromise our natural God-given rights comes up in the senate and they say, “NO.” In response, a disappointed Obama gets on national TV and has the audacity to SHAME people for not compromising their own rights that keep us free. He and the other “safety first” statists had every excuse in the world other than admitting that gun control JUST DOESN’T WORK.  “The gun lobby lied about what’s in the bill”, that a “minority of gun owners got upset and intimidated their senators into voting for something that 90% of the nation supports.” I can tolerate and even EXPECT some twisting of poll numbers and the truth when it comes to politics but this President and his followers that have been pushing this issue to a vote the entire time are ALL OUT LIARS. There is no other way to say it. There’s not a single poll out there that has 90% supporting tighter gun control laws unless the poll was limited to the White House or Handgun Control Inc. or Rosie O’Donell’s dinner table. The poll the Liar in Chief is referencing is a Gallup poll shown here, read it for yourself: http://www.gallup.com/poll/1645/guns.aspx

The “gun lobby” referenced must be the “evil corporate NRA with all that blood on their hands”. Lemme give the hippies reading this another little history lesson: before there were senators and presidents willing to take away and restrict the rights of millions, there WAS NO GUN LOBBY. The NRA focused on safety, training and education. They only threw their hat into the political ring at the request of MILLIONS of law-abiding citizens who were sick of having those rights trod upon by politicians like Schumer and Bloomberg. So, for those of you who blame the NRA for getting in the way of your utopian paradise where there is no gun violence, you only have yourselves to blame. YOU made us gun-owners act to protect our rights. YOU ultimately made the NRA more powerful with every piece of restrictive legislation you pushed forward.  As for them “lying about what’s in the bill”, that’s flat-out BULLSHIT. Contrary to what most liberals think about us, we CAN and DO read! From my reading of the bill, it was entirely unworkable and unenforcable without a system leading to the full registration of firearms which is contra to the entire purpose of the 2nd amendment and an armed populace. The only thing the NRA lied about was that we couldn’t win unless I renewed my membership early. You can wait til April like always, Mr. LaPierre….

     As for us “intimidating” our senators: threatening not to re-elect them during the mid-terms is “intimidation”??? I suppose playing the “I got your nose” game with my God-son is “assault and battery”.      

        This whole morally judgmental shaming by the president and his statist thugs is just the latest in an attempt to emotionally manipulate the nation into giving away the very rights which keep us free and it’s a DISGUSTING political tactic. It’s just as low and tacky as saying “if it just saves one life”, or having the mother of one of the Sandy Hook victims tug at the heart-strings of the public, or riding on the coattails of your spouse who survived an assassination attempt. In the end, it’s nothing more than emotionally based rhetoric to further erode the rights of a free people in the interests of more state control disguised as “safety”. We aren’t buying it anymore. The final proof you need is actually in the last lie that fell from Obama’s lips: If the majority of Americans that were calling and writing their senators wanted this bill to pass, if most NRA members supported it as the President claimed……… IT WOULD’VE PASSED!!! Since it didn’t, what more proof does Obama need to see that people are seeing gun control for what it is: from failed policy to sad joke.  

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