New Venezuelan President blames U.S. for unrest.

New faces, but the game remains the same. The commies have an election, the election is overwhelmingly in favor of a commie tyrant, the opposition that wants freedom starts rioting, and us evil imperialists get the blame. From the Daily Oklahoman:

“CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuela’s president-elect blamed the opposition Tuesday for seven deaths and 61 injuries that the government claims have occurred in disturbances protesting his election, and he accused the U.S. of organizing the unrest.”

MAYBE, just MAYBE, your people are upset that you won the election because they cherish their FREEDOM, Presidente Maduro. MAYBE, just MAYBE they’re tired of the skyrocketing violent crime rate, inflation and empty promises that communism can’t deliver. But NOOOOOO, that can’t be it. It HAS to be the evil imperialists stirring up trouble. You know what, I’m already sick of this ass-hat and he hasn’t even been el Presidente for a week. Here’s MY offer to the U.S. gov’t: pay me an even million dollars (tax free, of course) and I’ll make sure regime change occurs in Caracas before the year is out.

If Maduro is still President of Venezuela by Dec 31st, either: I’m dead, OR the U.S. gov’t wasn’t involved in stirring up trouble in your little socialist paradiso in the first place and you only have yourself and the tyrannical legacy you inherited from Saint Hugo to blame for your troubles. Besides, there’s NO WAY the Obama administration would speak out against a 3rd world socialist dictator that ENDORSED him. After all, they adhere to the same banana republic school of thought!

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