The littlest dictator…..

Kim Jong UNH (You have to pronounce the last word like you’ve been punched in the gut) has got to be the most clownish world leader since Napoleon. First off, a little history lesson for those “useful idiots” out there. North Korea is a communist country. Communism is great because it makes everyone equal! There are no elites or “royalty” that rule the country over everyone else, right? WRONG on every count but especially wrong on this one. Kim Jong UNH’s father, Kim Jong Il ruled the country before him and his father ruled the nation before him. Which in effect, makes him royalty and the antithesis of the goals of a socialist utopia. Any questions? Good! Now on with the show…..

So there’s Kim Jong UNH!, a giant Asian toddler threatening to settle up with the U.S. with a nuclear weapon that has a guidance system put together in the 1960’s out of tinker toys. Not only is this idiot threatening to hit the U.S., but every country within 500 miles because of the crappy technology he’s threatening us with. Aims at Guam, hits Japan. Hooray for crappy commie technology!


“Pretty rocket go ZOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!”

I’ve met guys that fought in Korea that didn’t fight wars the way they’re fought today. They weren’t taught to be sensitive to the plight of the native population. They weren’t taught to minimize collateral damage, and the only thoughts they had about “hearts and minds” is that’s where the rifle sights should go. I don’t long for war but I’m GLAD we have leathery old vets like these around that give tyrants like Kim Jong Jack-ass pause. As George Orwell said, “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”………. Where the hell is Walt from Gran Torino when you need him?


“We used to stack $&*#s like you 5 feet high in Korea and use you for sandbags.”

Of course, all this is probably a moot point with the mindset of our “leaders” these days. And I’m not just talking the POTUS, who has probably prepared an emergency apology in response to a nuclear attack, John “you damn libertarian kids” McCain is right up there with his Stockholm Syndrome running full tilt, ready to raise the white flag and parlay with dictators. We don’t negotiate with terrorists…. why do we negotiate with dangerous world leaders who threaten war? Isn’t that terror enough? God, what I wouldn’t give for the same steel in the spines of our leaders as the men who fought on that peninsula had.

ImageBut, we haven’t lost yet…..maybe the giant Asian toddler will mistake yellow cake uranium for a Twinkie and take a huge bite……….. one can only hope.

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