The case for separation, secession, balkanization, whatever……

Gun control, abortion, prayer in schools, minimum wage, gov’t run healthcare, the list goes on. We have become a nation that is so divided on issues and so full of bile and vitriol for our political opposition that I think it’s high time we go our separate ways. If we don’t, I’m afraid there will be bloodshed that’ll make our first civil war seem like a game of musical chairs. It’s gotten too the point where even private companies such as Papa John’s, Hobby Lobby and the Susan G Komen foundation feel that they need to have “an official position” on some of these issues. And then come the boycotts for whichever side they didn’t take. It’s gotten so ridiculous, Cracked Magazine which is good at political satire has now taken the tone of just outright bashing folks they disagree with politically. CRACKED MAGAZINE!!!!! We have reached an impasse where most folks would rather act like children and force their political opposites to eat sour grapes instead of letting people decide for themselves what decisions are best for them and their families. When the general political discussion has devolved this much, maybe it’s time to just cut our losses.

In centuries past when a people felt alienated from “their” home country, they would just pick up and go to the frontier. That’s how the pilgrims got here in the first place. And when it got too crowded or too overbearing with puritanical rules for some folks, they went west to where the border was. It was nasty, hard, brutal, and dangerous. They had to contend with everything from disease, starvation, freezing to death, lack of proper medicine, to getting murdered by outlaws or hostile Indians. They braved those hardships because they would rather be free to make their own choices, beholden to none, than to live in relative safety of “civilization” under the rule of a king or a governor or even a town council who take it on themselves to decide how others should live. To these people, that freedom was worth it. But there is nowhere else for those who feel alienated, abandoned, oppressed, persecuted, etc., to go.

I’ve had many people from several different countries tell me I don’t need guns in a “civilized” world. I’ve had many people tell me it’s about time we became “civilized” like other countries in that we have universal healthcare. That we have cameras all over town so that our “leaders” can monitor us “to keep us safe”. Or that we have our food monitored and regulated “for our health”. Some people, (hell, most more like…) are fine with this. They sleep cozy and snug in their beds, they think about regular crap like bills and football and sending their kids off to college and don’t really care that someone else is making these decisions for them. Some people see it as a huge burden lifted off of their shoulders! That may be okay for some, but for millions of others, they don’t see it that way. They don’t feel “civilized” so much as they feel subjugated. This is because of the “one size fits all” idea of gov’t. “Your guy lost, our guy won, stop being a sore loser and deal with it.”

Here’s a newsflash that’s obvious to most folks: Most people don’t even want to tell others how they should live even if they disagree with the choices they make. Most folks just want to be left alone to make those choices for themselves. It’s a small faction from each side of politics that screams for “blanket rule” to apply to everyone. When social security was first started, it was supposed to be voluntary with the option to opt out if you liked. Just don’t come crying to the gov’t later that you’re broke and have no retirement. Now, you can’t get a job at McDonald’s without a social security card. Income tax is another example. It’s the “haves” who have more than they “need” vs. the “have-nots” those who think the “haves” have too much and should spread it around. But who’s the one guilty of greed? The one who has and wants to keep it even if he becomes miserly or those who demand he give it to them because they think they deserve what Scrooge McDuck has? The quick answer is: both. One hoards while the other covets. Neither one has the moral high ground. But I have a better question: Who gave anybody the authority to judge what the sin of greed is other than God? Who am I or any of you to say that either side should be shamed or forced to do something they don’t want? Nobody has the wisdom or authority to decide what someone else should keep or give up. That’s up to each man, woman and child to decide for themselves. Anybody who thinks they do is either a megalomaniac, a politician, or Lucifer. (Or all three in the case of Mike Bloomberg)

I went off on that long tangent just to say that there are 311 million people in this country. The idea that one policy is good enough for all of us regardless of experience, circumstance, or simply because we choose not to is the antithesis of a “free civilization.” I mentioned subjugation earlier. A subjugated people don’t have many options. We can leave like the pilgrims did and go to the frontier….. but there isn’t any frontier anymore to go to. We can fight…… After all, 100 million gun owners in this country, many of which are combat veterans of two recent wars definitely have the firepower to be taken seriously. But as much as liberals think differently, most of us are not bloodthirsty John Wayne or Rambo wannabes, swaggering down the street with itchy trigger fingers….. we don’t want another civil war, we honestly just want to be left alone to do our own thing. But it’s obvious that we won’t be left alone. So what option does that leave us? Separation. When a married couple no longer gets along, they divorce. Most people on the left have no problem with this so you shouldn’t have any problem with us going our separate ways. People who want to cling to their God and guns can stay here or in Texas or Wyoming, etc. People who want secularism and gun free zones and abortions can go live in New York or San Francisco, etc. Everybody’s happy and there’s no second civil war……

…….Of course there’s always the option of letting the states once again deciding for themselves and the federal government minding it’s own damn business…….. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. The idea of that ever happening is even less likely than Texas secession……..

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