The motivations of gun banners.

I get the motivations of the Million Moms or the mothers and fathers who lost a child at Sandy Hook or Columbine or Aurora. I know that they are in so much pain and indescribable turmoil, that they would do anything to keep this from happening again. I feel for those people. I wouldn’t wish that loss and pain on anyone. I see the pain in their hearts and I can see and know that what they’re feeling is real. But what about the motivations of the politicians? Mike Bloomberg, Charles Schumer, Feinstein, Obama, etc, etc. have been trying to infringe on what shall not be infringed for decades. As if we just haven’t tried hard enough to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and psychos since 1932. Well, we’ve seen what happened with the previous assault weapons ban and the effect of saving lives…… absolutely nothing. We’ve seen how well regular citizens were stopped from buying a machine gun, yet bad guys weren’t. And this has continued for almost the past 100 years!!! But their answer is the same: MORE gun laws. MORE regulation. And always when they get what they want, the result is the same: MORE CRIME.

                                                         Bonnie and Clyde

Many politicians say that the evil gun lobby has stood in their way of stopping all of this gun violence. Well, they’re partially right. The gun lobby has stood in their way, but not because the NRA likes violence and the politicians are all about being peaceful and decent to society…… (Regardless what Michael Moore says) The gun lobby has stood in the way because they understand history. They understand that absolute power corrupts. I can assure you that Wayne LaPierre knows how to read a friggin newspaper and can see with his own eyes what governments do to their own people for the “good of the nation.” And the millions of  NRA members can see the same. I’m not gonna rehash the same old diatribe of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. but the NRA knows that we are human beings and human beings are flawed. There will ALWAYS be those who seek to hold power over others. Those that think they know better. Those that think because they know better, you have to break a few eggs to make that omelette. And the NRA is there because they also know (as did our founders) that the greatest deterrent to tyranny is a populace ready to do violence to tyrants if they try.

After watching a long week of senate committee hearings on assault weapons and hearing each one speak, I can tell you plain and simple that these people DO NOT have your best interests at heart. They ARE NOT concerned with your sons and daughters’ safety. They ARE NOT interested in keeping you safe. They are only concerned with their own legacy and what they can point to in order to boost themselves up in the eyes of the public. And this is their motivation in EVERYTHING THEY DO, not just gun control. Take the sequestration ordeal. The very idea that we’re even at this point shows the sheer incompetence and self-glorification of every soulless son of a bitch on that hill. And when it’s done, they’ll pat themselves on their backs for partisan reasons with one hand while pointing the “blame and shame finger” at their opponents with the other. Whether they “save taxpayers’ money” or do it “for the children” doesn’t even enter into it when they’re behind closed doors, it’s all about them in the end. but I digress……

Whether politicians really have good intentions or are just pursuing more power makes no difference. History has proven that we can’t trust this government, or ANY government, to protect us from criminals, a foreign invasion, or even from itself, and that reason alone, is why the 2nd amendment exists. It is the reason that trumps all others in this weary, tired, non-sensical debate about guns.  It’s the reason why we have AR-15’s, AK-47’s and will FIGHT to keep them. But that won’t stop the jack-asses on that hill from trying to infringe on that right. After all, they’re convinced that they know best. That kind of narcissism is not only dangerous to liberty, but dangerous to millions of lives. Politicians have killed more people with the stroke of a pen than all the guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens in every country of the world combined. And I refuse to be one of their victims.

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