If liking Chick-Fil-A sandwiches makes me a bigot….

….. what does it make those who demand an employee be fired because of their personal beliefs? I ran across this story about pro-gay marriage organizations being upset over a Mormon artist who writes for Superman at DC comics and threatening to boycott DC if he isn’t fired.


My problem with this situation and the fiasco with Chick-Fil-A, the little known waitress in a restaurant in California, Miss California’s answer to the question of gay marriage and so on is this: Gay rights groups in trying to boycott companies for the PERSONAL beliefs of their employees or owners are the ones guilty of bigotry. They have only hurt their own credibility and cause when these groups state that all they want is “equality” and then stoop to the tactics of the klan in the 1960’s to get people fired for nothing more than THINKING differently. This isn’t “equality”, the zero-sum game that these gay rights groups are promoting is forced conformity and for them to sink to these levels is the epitome of hypocrisy. If these same rabid tactics were used by mainstream Christian organizations who believe in traditional marriage, THIS COUNTRY WOULD TURN INTO IRAN when it comes to gay rights. And we all know how “tolerant” they are……..

“What do you mean I don’t get “LOGO” with my basic service???”

How many people should be fired for not believing that gays should not be allowed to marry? How many boycott supporters are agenda-driven enough to destroy the careers of their very own friends or family who may even agree with their lifestyle or government recognition of rights but draw the line at calling it sanctified marriage? If tactics like these are okay with pro-gay organizations, then companies that fire employees that SUPPORT gay marriage due to political pressure shouldn’t be a problem with these same organizations, right? …….yeah, I think we know the answer to that:

She misses waffle fries…..

This boycott and others over people’s personal (I’ll say it again with more emphasis so you get the point) PERSONAL religious or political beliefs are the worst form of censorship and terminating an employee for those views is a blatant violation of their 1st amendment rights. It’s no different than companies firing an employee for being a Mormon or an atheist or a Jew or a democrat or a republican……. or GAY.  For these so-called “equal” rights groups to be initiating this behavior, much less supporting it, it sets back their cause for “marriage equality” more than Pat Robertson could’ve ever done if he lived another 100 years and gives more ammo to the far right who see “equality” as nothing more than a left-wing political agenda instead of an issue of rights under the law. The LGBT community needs to revolt against this sort of “leadership” in their community lest the rest of the world starts viewing them as the oppressors rather than the oppressed, the bullies rather than the bullied, cuz that’s how I’m starting to see it. People who support these frivolous boycotts aren’t interested in “equality”, but forcing those who have a different point of view to lose their jobs until they publicly change that point of view. It’s thought-policing and it sucks. The day they start boycotting gas from OPEC nations for EXECUTING gay people, I’ll start taking their political beliefs seriously. Until then, stay the hell out of my sandwiches and my comic books.

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