Immigration is a natural right…..

I’ve thought long and hard about this over several years. I’ve been on the other side of the issue just because it was the “republican” thing to do. But have you seen the republicans lately? They’re just as bad as the other ones. I mean, Bob friggin’ Dole for President??? Of course we lost that one. Anyway, I started looking at which caused me to look deeper into history and the reasons behind my ancestors coming here in the first place. This will probably tick off many of you who are staunch GOP’ers. When you read this and you find yourself getting angry, ask yourself: “am I thinking for myself, or just towing the party line?” You may be surprised at the answer. I was when I asked myself that question. Anyway, on with the show:

I have a problem with those who want to deport all illegals. Several of my ancestors are of Cherokee-Choctaw heritage and I’ll bet they wish they had deported every single Spaniard that got off that boat. On the other hand, I also come from an ancestry that came here because they were so oppressed they weren’t allowed to wear their native kilts or play bagpipes much less own weapons or speak their minds freely. So they came here. The only reason they came here in the first place was that they were seeking a better life for themselves free of oppression and full of opportunity. After they came here the British tried twice to force their ideas of British “civility” onto this land as well. That didn’t work out too well for them.

It wasn’t long after that immigrants entering this country were segregated from the rest of society, paid for menial jobs for less than what freed slaves were paid, kept from voting, and generally kept from advancing or fully integrating into our society because of the fear. Fear of things like Catholicism, Judaism, crime and alcoholism, etc. drove the motive of keeping those immigrants in the shadows for many years. Now, the generational ancestors of those kept in the shadows are screaming the same fears about “illegal immigrants”…………. but in my own experience, it’s just the Mexican and Arab ones we need to crack down on. What about the Chinese? Did you know that they basically sell themselves into slavery and get shipped over here in shipping containers in deplorable conditions just to have a better life? They aren’t “legal”. What about the Cubans? There’s no application office to become a U.S. citizen in Havana that I’m aware of, so they still come here illegally. These are just two examples out of many, but I’ll just get to the point: most people don’t have a problem with someone coming here from a political enemy of the U.S. because we’ve all been taught that those folks are fleeing oppression. But what about Mexico? All the poverty, corruption, violence……. what’s NOT oppressive???

There is a double-standard amongst the right that because they came here “illegally”, they don’t have the right to be here. I’m sorry, but that’s absolute crap. This is the land where we believe in people’s inherent and natural rights are given to them by a higher power. That those inalienable rights cannot be taken away by the government. That those rights go for everybody, regardless of whether they were born in this country or not. How can we demand the deportation of millions of people who are looking for a better life for themselves? Demanding the expulsion of millions of men, women and children that are seeking a better life simply because they broke the law in coming here does not give you the moral high ground. Where is your charity? Where is your mercy? Would you send them back to the life they tried to just run away from? Some of you will say, “If they broke one law, what’s to keep them from breaking others?” You may have sped in your car on your way to work, some of you have driven home after getting just a little bit “buzzed”.  Others of you smoke weed on occasion with your “not-so-conservative” friends. (And I know who every one of you are….) None of that means you live a life of crime, genius. Because some guy brought his wife and small child here and is working under a false name just trying to make ends meet so he isn’t beheaded by the local drug lord for not cooperating doesn’t make him a potential criminal, either.

“But, some of them ARE criminals! Some of them might be drug smugglers with the cartels or MS-13 gang members, etc.” I hear you. I’m not saying we just open up the borders and let anybody just waltz on in. We need tight controls on our border to see who’s coming in to keep out the criminal element. Some of you complain that they don’t assimilate into our culture and learn to speak English. The same fears existed about the Italians, Germans and the Irish who spoke their own language and refused to completely assimilate. But their children did. Their grandchildren did. How much Italian do you hear being spoken today in the street? How many of you ran into an Irishman who spoke only Gaelic and not a lick of English? My point exactly. English is the “unofficial” language of our nation and will ALWAYS be so. As for those of you who are worried about their religion and beliefs with the statues of Mary and Santeria and such, I say you need to either invite them to your Church or just mind your own business.  Seriously, don’t you have other crap to worry about? I just caught you smoking a joint when your fellow conservatives weren’t looking for God’s sake……

Yes, we do not want undesirables flooding this country. But treating everyone who comes here as a lawbreaker and sending them back to whatever hell they escaped from is un-Christian and un-American. What I want is for those who come here illegally but are still honest people to no longer be considered “undesirable”. If somebody loves their family enough to up-end everything they’ve known and go to a strange land with pennies to their name, just so their children can grow up without poverty and violence, well, it doesn’t get more “family values” than that, those are the “desirables” and that’s what the republican party is supposed to be about. – J.C.

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