Why I like Snubbies……

The snubbie revolver articles, both pro and con have been done to death. But guess what, I’m still doing one because it’s my blog, so just shut up and read it.

Out of all the guns I’ve owned, traded, fell in and out of love with, there has always been a constant: I’ve ALWAYS had some sort of snubnose revolver since I was 21. My first was a S&W mod 60 and I still kick myself to this day for trading it in on my first 1911. (I’ve had plenty of 1911’s as well) But I always went back to the little revolvers. I hear a lot of people who carry these guns and have heard several gun store salesmen try to pass it off as a “beginner’s gun”, although I really don’t know why other than the lack of safeties and buttons and stuff. The sight radius is a lot shorter than a standard handgun so it’s harder to acquire your target, if you carry self-defense loads or +P rounds, they will make every bone in your hand rattle with pain when you pull the trigger, and it only has 5 shots. If anything, I would say you need to be at least a novice with handguns before you start shooting a snubbie and it takes a TON of practice to become a decent shot with one.

I’ve practiced a lot with snap-caps, I’ve taken a some lessons, done reloading drills, and put literally thousands of rounds down range over the years. Through time and training I can lift my shirt or jacket, draw, aim and hit a paper plate sized target about 10-12 ft. away in just over a second consistently. Engaging 2 or more targets adds about a half-second for each target. It’s not pinpoint accurate shooting nor is it Jerry Miculek fast, but it’ll get me out of a pinch if I’m in a bad situation. I’ll NEVER be satisfied with my reload times so I won’t post those but in a deadly threat scenario, I’m hoping to have stopped the threat before the gun is empty. Sometimes that isn’t what happens but that’s why you learn other skills like moving to cover, and making yourself a smaller target, etc. The point is, if I’m reloading and there are still people shooting at me, either I seriously misjudged how many friends this asshole has or I’m in Somalia. Either way, I can never get enough practice reloading.

The key word in that last paragraph is PRACTICE. My current revolver is a S&W 637 airweight. (Yes, the one with the hammer, I’m a traditionalist) I’ve put well over a thousand rounds through this particular gun, probably closer to 1500. Both it and I have the scars to show for it as you’ll see from the pics below. You’ll see the deep line on the rear of the cylinder where it’s rotated from firing so often. The grip has been in my sweaty little hand so often that the enamel has worn off in several places, other parts of the gun have been dinged from me dropping it occasionally, but it’s like the Timex of revolvers, takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I still have the 1911, and I still love other guns like the Russian Makarov or pocket 9mm guns but I’ll ALWAYS have a snubbie. It’s my most reliable gun, not just because it has less moving parts, but because it’s the gun that I’ve put the most work into.

Revolver 001

Revolver 002

Revolver 003

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