I thought you wanted to STOP anymore mass shootings…

You say you want to prevent any further massacres like what happened in Aurora and Newtown? GREAT!!! It’s a very worthy goal and I’m all for it! So why are we still talking about AWB’s and gun registration? I’ve posted data on this blog and all over FB for months from credible sources such as the FBI, CDC, National Sheriff’s Associations and other sources that PROVE the complete ineffectiveness of these restrictions saving any lives. For further evidence, this nation even had an assault weapons ban for 10 years and we STILL had massacres like Columbine, Pearl, Miss. and Jonesboro, Ark. The proof is right there in our very own experience that these things don’t do anything to save lives. Also, I have yet to hear any gun control advocates demonstrate to me how any of these laws would make us safer! Show me some facts! Give me some demonstrable data! Give me something besides the argument I hear most often after shooting down your Piers Morgan bullet-points with actual facts:  “It makes me feel safer.”

Really??? I thought you wanted to make a difference. I thought Sandy Hook was the last straw and we were going to think “outside the box” for solutions, yet here we are again with the same old tried and FAILED arguments. I can understand why the pols in D.C. want it passed: They’re in D.C. to serve themselves and having a heavily armed population frightens the hell out of them. Restricting those rights would certainly make THEM feel safer. But what about the rest of you? Because you’ll “feel safe”? I know some older folks who didn’t want to eat at the same lunch counter with black people because they didn’t “feel safe”. I know some of those same people didn’t want school integration because they worried about their kids being “safe”. How many people “felt safe” once we interned the entire population of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor? How many of you would feel safer if we kept background checks on all Muslim males aged 18-40? What about war vets who have some PTSD? How safe would you feel if all gun owners and their weapons were registered with the government?  All these things have something in common: they restricted people’s rights to give another segment of the population a FALSE sense of security. It’s wrong in those instances and it’s wrong in this one as well. So until you gun control advocates can come up with tangible PROOF that registration, limited mag and ammo capacities, or an all-out new ban on semi-auto rifles will save a SINGLE life, ask yourself this question: How many of you would restrict the rights of 311 million people so you can “feel safe”?

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2 Responses to I thought you wanted to STOP anymore mass shootings…

  1. A Friend says:

    Another great post Sanjuro…
    You can’t legislate the crazy out of people. As long as there are people, there will be violent crimes by whatever means, period. Laws can only reveal wrong doing and punish, it’s still up to the individual to act accordingly. For example, you may get an order of protection against your crazy ex to keep them from beating you up but that won’t stop him or her from coming to your house and beating the crap out of you anyway. It’s not a physical barrier, it’s still up to your crazy ex protective order or no protective order.
    The root of our problem starts in the home. Our nations homes are falling apart and have been for a long time and we are witnessing and experiencing the result. Until, or IF, we get the home back on track no amount of legislation, gun control, knife control or violent crime control will ever stop anything.

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