Mexico has tight gun control laws, look how well THAT worked….

Yesterday I blogged about the violence of the drug cartels in Mexico, but I only touched slightly on one of the causes that has allowed that violence to become so………. violent: Their tight gun control laws. Piers Morgan often cites the murder rates by firearm in England and Japan and contributes these figures to the greatness of tight gun control laws, but what he and all the other anti-gunners don’t want you to see is just over our southern fence, practically in our own backyards…..

In Mexico, it is illegal for any civilian to possess any weapon with the same caliber as the military. This pretty much leaves out everything except a few deer rifles, 20 gauge shotguns and .22’s. This law was passed after a extremely violent revolution that went on for 10 years and the last party standing in the palace in Mexico City wanted to stay there, so they incorporated this law to stay in power which they did for the next 70 years. There are no laws in Mexico that recognize the human right of self defense against an aggressor whether it be criminal or tyrannical. But be that as it may, there are groups of vigilantes springing up in various parts of the country to fight the cartel.

Look at the guns in this photo. These men are armed with ANCIENT break-open single shot shotguns. What good will they do against criminals who blatantly disobey the law and arm themselves with serious military firepower such as FN-FAL’s and AK-47’s that are full auto? A couple of years ago, Philipe Calderon came to our congress and said that the expiration of the assault weapons ban was what is causing so much violence in Mexico.

He claimed that the majority of weapons they’ve confiscated came from gun shops in the U.S. Yes, there is smuggling down to Mexico, especially by our own government as demonstrated by the Fast and Furious debacle and a certain dumbass narcotics agent from right here in Oklahoma. But the whole “70%” figure is a falsehood that was perpetuated by the Anti’s, the White House and a complacent media that has been seriously disproved several times over.

These cartels are armed with military ordinance which is not sold at gun shops and gun shows along the border. We’re talking mounted machine guns, automatic weapons, grenades, anti-tank weapons, etc.

Look at this stuff. You don’t get this from gun shows. You get it from REAL international arms smugglers, you get it from the Zetas who left the army to join the drug cartels because they pay so much better. They just took the guns with them when they left! Who’s gonna stop them, the army? They ARE the army!!! And here’s the saddest part: These few brave souls who are forming vigilante squads to fight against the cartel armed with primitive weapons are in this situation because their government is SO corrupt, SO incompetent and SO worried about consolidating their own power that they have failed to protect their own citizens from violence and took away the most effective means for them to protect themselves with tight gun control laws. Will our OWN government do that to us to consolidate it’s power? Our 2nd Amendment rights of having the most effective means of defending ourselves ensures that it cannot.

This is the legitimacy of the “need” for an AR-15. Criminals already have the connections to get guns illegally. They will ALWAYS be able to get them. If we ban black rifles or “high cap” magazines in this country, the only people that will be affected are the law-abiding citizens of this nation. They will be greatly restrained in their ability to defend themselves and their families from serious threats whether they be criminal or otherwise…………. as for the violence in Mexico, the government, and Felipe Calderon in particular have only themselves to blame. The very laws they enforce against the regular Mexican citizens to keep themselves in power is directly responsible for 50,000 dead.

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