Have you watched Schindler’s List lately?

Gestapo. Secret Police. Camps. I study history a lot because I like most of it, but I fear a lot of it. That’s why I want ALL my gun rights. It baffles me that people with Jewish last names come up with legislation to limit people’s abilities to defend themselves from tyranny. Hitler implemented a weapons law “for public safety” on March 18th, 1938. It was a revision of gun laws that were already in existence and weren’t central to the genocide, yet were instrumental in stopping Jews from defending themselves. And here we have people like Feinstein, Bloomberg and Schumer who’s parents or grandparents were Jewish immigrants who have seen that kind of terror with their own eyes PUSHING for the same type of legislation as the Third Reich. It really boggles my mind. It’s sad how quickly people forget history but I guess that’s why we continue to repeat it.  There has been dictator after dictator in our lifetimes that have demanded registration of firearms to “keep us safe”. Then confiscation of firearms to “keep us safe”. Then they have rounded up their people and slaughtered them wholesale. And people STILL have the ignorance to laugh and call me paranoid! How BLIND are you? How many times have you seen Schindler’s List or Hotel Rwanda, CRIED about it then turned around and supported the VERY SAME LEGISLATION to limit people’s gun rights here that helped set up those situations? Those things REALLY happened. People REALLY died. It wasn’t just Hollywood. I knew a guy I used to work with that had a blue tattoo of numbers on his arm like this:

I forget which camp he was in but I think about him from time to time. He has that reminder every time he looks at his watch, every time he reaches for the coffee pot, every time he makes a right turn in his car. (He’s actually probably dead now, but he still taught me something) That man had a BUTTLOAD of guns and ammo. He wasn’t going to a camp a second time. I don’t think he was paranoid. He just didn’t want his family slaughtered. Scary looking guns with 30 round magazines are a deterrent to those who would put tattoos on our arms. 

  I have to question the motivations of people who favor limiting the arms of the citizenry more than the arms of the gov’t. Those who continually push gun legislation, are they any different than those men who came up with the “final solution?” And those who consistently support gun control, although they might mean well and just want to keep their family safe, are they any different than those who sympathized with the nazis? The question people need to ask isn’t “why does anyone need one of these rifles”, the question is: Why do they keep trying to keep you from having them? People should not have to defend their rights so much as the antis need to defend their motivations. Trusting that those who make the laws always have your best interests at heart is foolish.

”If every German Jew and anti-Nazi had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds and the will to use it, Adolf Hitler would be a footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic.” — Aaron Zelman, 1995.

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