Mexico makes Northern Ireland look like Disneyland

Ah, Mexico (pronounced Me-hee-ko)….a beautiful country as long as you ignore the mass graves and severed heads. I’ve heard of drug wars in countries before but this crapola has gotten WAY out of hand. Remember Colombia back in the late ’80’s early 90’s when they were chasing Pablo Escobar? He had a phrase for those who refused to cooperate with him, “plata o plomo” which translates to “silver or lead”. (you can take my money I pay you or you’ll get a bullet) The war in Colombia went on for years and got SO violent that they assassinated several high level state officials, had car bombs going off left and right, blew up an entire apartment block and a commercial airplane before the CIA and other elements of the U.S. got involved and they finally riddled him full of holes on a rooftop in 1993:

(apparently my picture of Pablo’s bullet-riddled corpse won’t post for some reason so just use your imagination…)

Mexico has gone the way of the Colombians. I honestly don’t know where to begin with the violence. (don’t worry, I won’t post graphic photos of severed heads or anything) They’ve killed an estimated 50,000 people in 6 years. They kidnap tourists and cut off small body parts for ransom, they’ve completely ruined what little economic resources and infrastructure they had and the government, when not completely complicit in cartel dealings is so incompetent it’s beyond words. Half of the army that’s supposed to be FIGHTING the cartels left to JOIN them and took all of their military hardware with them. You think a sporterized AR-15 in the hands of a crazed gunman is bad? Wait til you see what the cartels use. We’re talking REAL assault weapons, .50 cal mounted machine guns, anti vehicle weapons, full auto AK-47’s, not the “one shot with every pull of the trigger” jazz. These weapons are already starting to flow north of the border to drug gangs in the southern states, but that’s okay, we can just ban those too…………morons.

Soldiers stand guard around a presentation of arms captured in arrest of Jaime Gonzalez Duran, alias 'El Hummer' in Mexico City in November, 2008.

I’m not going to get into the whole assault weapons ban here, (I’ll hit on that in another post) but I will mention that instead of WORKING HARDER to solve the violence in his own country which his own policies help perpetuate, (poverty, corruption, etc)  Mexican President Felipe Calderon came up here to OUR congress and blamed OUR gun laws for the violence in Mexico. What a joke. Just like a corrupt ass-hat to blame someone else for a problem he can’t control. He would FIT RIGHT IN running for congress up here.

I know what you’re thinking: “Another one of his rants expounding on the problem but no idea on how to fix it.” And you couldn’t be more……….. WRONG!!!! Here’s my solution, babycakes: Another Punitive Expedition. It’s in the best interests of the national security of the United States to intervene in Mexico. I’m talking full regime change, set up a puppet government, the works. Now I’m not big on being the world’s police. I think both our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan were noble efforts and we did some good, but we wasted a LOT of opportunities to make things better for everybody in that whole region and all due to politics. In short, I’m not much of an “interventionista”, but just a thousand miles south of where I sit and type this, there is a shooting war going on and we’ve sat on our hands long enough.

  • 1st- Close down the border and deploy armed military troops with SERIOUS ROE to fire on any threat coming north.
  • 2nd- Treat those FLEEING north not as “illegals” but as refugees from a warzone and let them apply for political asylum. This will take care of several immigration issues we already have. It will give those who seek a better life a path to citizenship, decent work and education which satisfies the left, they still have to assimilate into our community and are no longer considered law-breakers living in the shadows, they still have to speak basic English which satisfies the right and voila, everybody’s happy!
  • 3rd-  “Incur” into Meh-hee-ko.  Back in the day, Berber pirates in Morocco kidnapped one American citizen and his son and we sent an entire fleet with Marines  into Tangiers to capture the Bashier until we got our people back unharmed. (They made an awesome flick about it in the ’70’s starring Sean Connery called “the Wind and the Lion”)

So every time an American citizen gets snatched on this side of the border, those soldiers stationed there do a FULL ON ASSAULT with very LOOSE rules of engagement against the cartel until that person is returned unharmed. And if they ARE harmed, wipe out that particular cartel in that particular city. It boggles my mind how back in the day, the U.S. would do whatever they could to protect it’s citizens abroad, now politicians just leave you to the mercy of your captors……. pathetic. Also, during the Mexican Revolution from 1910-1920, when too many bullets strayed across the river and there was a group of Texas Rangers or federal troops nearby, they would ride across and push all the combatants a little further south. Likewise, if some bullets stray over and hit a bystander or a border patrol agents car, we just roll in some Hum-vees, guns blazing and push the combatants a little further south and if we kill some cartel scumbags along the way, that’s a bonus. It’s illegal, but who really gives a damn if it solves the problem?

  • 4th- (and my absolute fav) Overthrow the Mexican Government and replace it with a puppet gov’t friendly to the U.S. We do this in countries in the middle east and southeast Asia, why not our own backyard? The Mexicans have all kinds of opportunities if not for the crime and graft exacerbating the poverty level, then to escape the poverty their citizenry has to resort to crime and graft. It’s a never-ending cycle that only worsens the violence. We need to end it. We back the most U.S. friendly horse in that race that wants to restore liberty to the Mexican people and give them jobs to build infrastructure and manufacturing. Hell, Mexico has TONS of oil. With NAFTA already in effect, we can open up refineries down there, employ Mexicans to refine the oil, truck it north to sell on the cheap to pay back building the refineries and *POOF!* Gasoline is back down to $2.00 a gallon, maybe less…………….. YOU’RE WELCOME!!! Anyway, the Mexican officials who have been on the take since the end of the revolution in 1920 probably won’t like it, but screw ’em since they’re part of the problem.

And now you’re thinking, “But how do we pay for all of this? We’re already in debt from the last two wars!” Well that’s easy: We ask congress to give up their pay, benefits, assets, etc. to help fund it. And if they refuse, we use them as human shields for our hum-vees until they figure out which side they need to be on……..

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One Response to Mexico makes Northern Ireland look like Disneyland

  1. murphaticlaw says:

    The first law of ecology, ‘You can never do just one thing’. This is a good example of this principle. So the drug war has put tens of thousands otherwise harmless pot heads into our nations prisons, paroling violent sociopaths to relieve the overcrowding that mandatory minimum sentencing laws create. We have allowed lawyers to legislate what drugs our Doctors can give us. The DEA gets to decide the amounts of precursor drugs they will allow to be manufactured every month. Parts of the country are banning certain food and beverages in schools, other places are regulating and in some cases banning the ingredients that can be placed into a hot dog bun. States are now banding together to track the purchase of nasal spray in a doomed attempt to stop meth labs. Criminal syndicates make millions of dollars by manufacturing and selling black and grey market pharmaceuticals, then spend their ill gotten gains to corrupt and subvert the various polities their customer base resides in.

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