Leave it to the states.

All this talk of the feds doing something about this, that and the other was decided by the states all the way up to the Civil War. With the freeing of slaves also came a dangerous precedent: that when the federal gov’t feels it is morally correct on an issue, they can use military or law enforcement to force a “one size fits all” solution to the entire nation. The federal governments’ opinion that it has the authority to pass any sort of nationwide gun control laws is in violation of the 9th and 10th amendments. The issue of how people can be armed should be left to the individual states. It is the fed gov’t’s job to step in and make certain that individual rights under the 2nd amendment are not violated by the state. That should be their ONLY role in this discussion. (The same goes for gay marriage, abortion, and every other social issue that gets brought to congress and the president.) They’re only answer should be: “That’s for the states to decide for themselves as long as they don’t violate an individual’s right.” Sad that we’ve come so far down the wrong road in such a short time.

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