A gentleman’s response to my letter to the editor….

A gentleman from Shawnee had an excus….. er, I mean RESPONSE to my letter concerning the sentencing of Mike Morgan:

Jeff Morphis (Your Views, Jan. 16) was out of line with his comments about U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron, whose record of service to the judiciary is impeccable and certainly above being questioned by one devoid of all facts concerning a decision. As for Mike Morgan, he served the state admirably for several years, also a record above reproach until accusations were forthcoming — all except one of which was dropped. Cauthron herself said that Morgan was convicted on the one count of bribery on the word of a highly questionable witness. Why would Morgan not smile? One who is vindicated must surely feel some sense of joy.

Bill Howard Sr., Shawnee

I immediately grabbed my phone and started typing a response to his response. In it I asked how someone could excuse such behavior unless he were either related to or sleeping with the judge or the senator, one of the people who gave the good senator a bribe, or just excusing them because of the “D” at the end of Mike Morgan’s name. I then trashed that and wrote this response which will NOT be printed in the paper because they will only print one author every 28 days. That really sucks because I wanted Mr. Howard to see himself for the starry-eyed apologist for political corruption that he is:

Bill Howard Sr says my comments about Judge Cauthron’s sentencing of Mike Morgan are “out of line”. (Your views, Jan 21) Mr. Howard says that her service is “above question to someone devoid of facts.” The facts are these: a former senator was tried for accepting bribes, he was found GUILTY of that charge and he was coddled in punishment. I don’t call into question Judge Cauthron’s integrity or service in showing leniency, but make no mistake: I have EVERY right to question her judgment given the seriousness of this particular crime! To not question such a slap on the wrist does the public an even greater disservice than has already been done. As for Morgan serving the state “admirably”, etc., His past service went out the window when he violated his oath, betrayed the people of this state and accepted money to influence legislation. Mr. Howard sees Morgan’s smile as “vindication”. I and many other Oklahomans see that smile as smug relief after having his political connections send over 400 letters to influence the judge’s sentence whereas any other working stiff would have languished inside of a cell for years. Morgan’s behavior and the judge’s leniency fails YOU, Mr. Howard, as well as the rest of us. It saddens me that anyone can make excuses for it and still call it “justice”.


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One Response to A gentleman’s response to my letter to the editor….

  1. murphaticlaw says:

    It should be mandatory for every single plea bargain that the bargainer should detail every aspect of the crime they are pleading guilty to in court, on the record, before the plea bargained sentence can be accepted

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