It can’t happen here? Tell that to the American Indian.

I have Cherokee and Choctaw blood on my mother’s side. Maybe it’s just genetic memory but every time I hear somebody say, “pffft. You’re being absurd! This is AMERICA! It can’t happen here!” really makes me just want to buy even more ammo and hide in the hills. Newsflash, people: It ALREADY happened here. Every policy from removal in the 1830’s to manifest destiny began with one thing: Disarmament of Native Americans. The gun is part of Native American culture. They used it to hunt, make war and defend themselves from other tribes and soldiers sent to enforce yet more failed policies on them. Everyone wonders why so many Indian tribes fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Would YOU want to defend a gov’t that had killed a 3rd of your people just 30 years ago??? And here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know:

INDIANS HAD ASSAULT RIFLES!!! How did the Sioux beat Custer? In 1876 the Winchester and Henry repeating rifles were the “assault weapons” of the day. It had a high ammo capacity and could fire 1-2 rounds per second. (or faster if you’re Chuck Connors) whereas the 7th Cav was armed with breech-loading, single-shot carbines that were unreliable. Being greatly outnumbered didn’t work in Custer’s favor either but I digress…                    The gov’t finally got their revenge on the Sioux at Wounded Knee on Dec 29, 1890. The soldiers were sent there to disarm what was left of the Ghost Dancers. There is controversy over who fired the first shot, but long story short, the Cavalry came prepared this time with portable artillery. Maybe if the Sioux had been armed with gatling guns they might have lasted longer, who knows….. Woundedknee1891.jpg
Mass grave for the dead Lakota after the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek

NEVER AGAIN- To say it “can’t happen here” or scoff at the idea of being better armed to fight against a tyrannical gov’t. is the most idiotic argument of the anti-gunners. For a people so aligned with being “progressive”, they need to study a little history. The slaughter of Native Americans was just the beginning. All the way through the 20th century, people were disarmed first, then slaughtered to the tune of around 290 MILLION people. To repeat that mistake by having us less armed is RE-gressive in my book.

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One Response to It can’t happen here? Tell that to the American Indian.

  1. John B says:

    I always believed that Eric Frohm best described the reason that people will give away their rights or freedoms in a search for safety that never arrives. The search in desperation for someone else to defend and protect, to provide for all needs, and to make decisions for them is a biological imperative. They want safety, security, and someone else to make the choices they should make about their daily lives. The Socialist or Fascist leaders (opposite sides of the same coin) and their minions are eager to make those choices for them in exchange for the illusion of safety. The costs is that you can never again have the ability to make a choice.
    In the United States we enjoy the ability to buy from three different Grocery stores on any day we please, and choose between three different brands of salsa and chips for the Super Bowl. Don’t even get me started on how many different brands of pizzas we can have in most metros.
    But when the 40% of the country offer up all they have the potential to ever own or choose for Patriarch Government to make their decisions, literally we will soon have NO choices to make.

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