Clinging to God and guns…..

I was reading a piece done by Andrew Napolitano of “why we need” ANY weapons. It really struck a chord with me about who we are and what we’re meant for as a nation. He says in a nutshell that it’s our God-given natural right to stay free. Those weapons keep us free. Now I’m sure I’m going to have the sighs, the “Jesus was a pacifist” arguments, the “redneck clinging to guns and a Bible” usual arguments, but hear me out:

EVERY MAN IS A CAESAR-  I’ve often been pointed to Romans Chapter 13 that God doesn’t allow any nation to exist that He hasn’t anointed. To render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s. That’s true, but I would also point out that we WON against the MOST POWERFUL ARMY IN THE WORLD………… TWICE!!!! If that’s not being anointed by God then I don’t know what is. Also, this nation was built on the premise that EVERY man woman and child ON THE EARTH is “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. If you TRULY believe that, then no legislative body, no King, no democratic majority, etc. has the authority to pick and choose which rights we should and shouldn’t have. In effect, we are ALL Caesars.

TYRANNY EXISTS… Deal with it.- Chalk it up to hubris, greed, power-hungry, or even sociopathic behavior. People are flawed. As long as they are flawed, there will be those who think they know better how to run your lives than you do. They may have great motivations or good intentions such as public safety and “for the children”, etc. But good intentioned or not, when we lose freedom, tyranny gains, when we gain freedom, we lose tyranny. You can’t have the same amount of both at the same time. Right after the American Revolution was won, Washington’s generals came to him and told him if he wanted to be King, they would support him! Can you imagine??? After all the treasury spent, all the speeches, all the years of fighting and all the blood spilled and lives and limbs lost in the cause of freedom to get out from under the boot of one king……. just to have another take his place? Thank God he said “no thanks”. There will ALWAYS be those who would be your master. They will ALWAYS seek power over you until the sun burns out. These weapons keep those in charge from becoming our master.

I’ve already rambled on longer than planned, check out the article and read it for yourself:

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